Jena D. Hwang

Research Engineer
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Research Interests

I am a computational and a cognitive linguist in the field of Natural Language Processing. My research interests lie at the intersection of Linguistics, AI, and Cognitive Science. I seek to understand how humans communicate and express meaning via language (and can be so creative in doing so!) and represent it in ways that will aid machines to reason about the world. In more specific terms, I am interested in the representation of meaning in context at various stages of expression, be it lexical, constructional or commonsense!

Short Bio

I obtained my Ph.D. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado Boulder (2014) under the supervision of Martha Palmer. Prior to joining AI2, I was a researcher at the The Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (2015-2019) and a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Study of Indigenous Languages of the West with Andrew Cowell (2014-2015).